Saratoga District of Twin Rivers Council

Established May 1st 1960

Cub Master Buddha Hurtt

Our Charter Organization is the First Presbyterian Church

22 West High Street

Ballston Spa, NY 12020

Popcorn Pick up:

Saturday November 21 at the Church

9:30 to 10:30 am

No Scouts Next Week. 11/25/15

Thanksgiving Morning Feast Set Up:

Union Fire House, 8 am to 9 am

Class A uniforms

All Scouts Welcome


Are you a new Scout and don't know the words to the song we sing at our closing ceremony? It's called "Scout Vespers" and here are the words !

                                                                                      Softly falls the light of day,

                                                        as our campfire fades away.

                                                       Silently each Scout should ask,

                                                        "Have I done my daily task?"

                                                        "Have I kept my honor bright?"

                                                         "Can I guiltless sleep tonight?"

                                                         "Have I done and have I dared,

                                                            everything to be prepared?"

                                           New this year:

          * NO REGISTRATION FEE (new scouts) OR $ 24 COUNCIL FEE (everyone)

Yep, you read it right ! Join Pack 2 and there are NO fee's for registration or the new $ 24.00 "council insurance" fee. How's it work? simple. You will pay the registration fee and insurance fee up front, at the 1st meeting, then your scout will be told his personal goal for the fundraiser (popcorn sales) that pays for our program. If he meets the goal,( new scouts) will be refunded the registration fees and council insurance fee. Returning scouts will just be refunded the insurance fee as they are already registered. * Adult leaders WILL pay the $ 24.00 insurance fee.

              Any scout who brings another scout (non sibling) into the Pack gets a free dinner @ McDonalds!

                                     Recruiters for 2015 :  Ryan Robichaud, $ 20.00 gift card to Stewarts & recruiter patch!

Trivia Question: 

In what year was the first Thanksgiving introduced and where did it take place.